Buy, Sell and Bargain

SLASH is an open B2B marketplace that connects independent retailers with inventory sources across the continent. Our goal is to create a unified platform that encourages local and cross-border B2B e-commerce in Africa



Advance tools and features that suits everyone's need.


List your products on the SLASH marketplace and generate your own store link



Advanced analytics to help you manage your online store

Product Variation

Multiple variations to suit your products


Decentralized Policy

Using our policy generator, you can develop your own refund policy in minutes.

Upfront Payment

Accept upfront payments using our integrated escrow system to reduce the risk of non-payment.


Verified Suppliers

Buy from over 500 verified wholesalers in Nigeria


Easy Search

Advanced filtering tools for quick product discovery

Price Negotiation

Call or message the seller to negotiate a lower price and save money.


Scam Free

Lock fund in escrow wallet until item is delivered

Favorite Store

Save your favorite store for future purchases



Our Happy Customers

It has been observed that SLASH garners a positive reception from all users who utilize it for the first time

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We designed and tested prototypes that helped identify pain points in the account creation process. Together, we shaped the new standard.

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